Helping women avoid Diabetes...without all the confusion

Community and hope for women wanting to reversing IR, Prediabetes and EVEN Type 2 Diabetes

About Power in the Group, our website, community, programs and the 95-5 Wellness Solution eating plan.

At Power in the Group our focus is 100% on women, like you, preventing Diabetes. That's all we do! That's why we have a website, community and programs that we made just for women who want to get healthy again!

And just to make it easier for women we made a Diabetes Prevention eating plan too! We call it the 95-5 Wellness Solution.

It's based on science and focuses on eating lots of whole foods and plants.

(so NO restrictive fad stuff, starving yourself AND you don't have to become a vegan either!)

You can check out our website here 

You can check out the 95-5 Wellness Solution here

AND you can join our WOMEN-ONLY community on this page. Choose the plan you want below. Enjoy!

Why You Should Join

  • A safe environment for you to share with other women
  • Peace of mind knowing you'll be part of a community that's science-based
  • Help with realistic solutions that make sense for you
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